Home/Making Exhibition @ Arizona State University

Benoit was selected by Erika Lynn Hanson, Assistant Professor of Fibers for the Home/Making Exhibition, a National juried exhibition installed in the Harry Wood Gallery at Arizona State University in Tempe, AZ.

Home/Making is an exhibition focusing on the changing issues of domesticity in contemporary life, exploring issues of gender, labour, and culture as we think about the place of the home and domesticity in modern life. Although concerns about establishing home and family are not new, the ideas about what constitutes a home and family have drastically shifted—even over the last thirty years. We now deal with shifting expectations and practicalities concerning home and family life. Ideas of domesticity and our relationships to each other, as well as our connections to objects and spaces are constantly changing. How do we build a home within contemporary society now that domestic rules and roles are much more fluid? Do we start anew, or do we carry on familial traditions that have been passed down for generations? If so, how do these traditions function within contemporary society? How do we make these decisions and how do we handle the loss of something that was once so precious to those that are now gone. How do we conceive of ‘making a home’ as someone living alone or in a non-heteronormative nuclear family setting?

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